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Create Your Own Personal CDN for Free in 3 Easy Steps

If you want ultra-fast load times for your website or landing page, a CDN is the only way to go. Setting one up for your personal files has never been easier or more affordable.

Before you pay for a CDN, consider this quick and easy (not to mention free) alternative. With just a few steps your personal CDN will be up and running, ready to quickly deliver any files you want.

1. Go to GitHub and create a new public repository. Call it “CDN”, or something similar.
Add New GitHub Repo

2. Add files to the repo that you would like to serve.

3. Access your files using jsDelivr links, i.e.
jsDelivr Examples

After jsDelivr serves the file the first time it will be stored permanently on their servers, allowing for quick access.

*Tip: jsDelivr can minify files on-demand. Simply add .min before the extension—the first load might take a while but then the minified file will be stored on their servers.